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Communication support

Email, IM, Skype, Windows Live Messenger. It is evident from the splurge of virtual connectivity tools that communication practices go beyond normal exchange of text via emails. Various other facilities allow you to communicate

via live video interaction and real time instant messaging. All such tools have gained tremendous momentum at the corporate floors since they save time and ensure effective connectivity. At NYX, we provide accomplished assistance for all softwares that drive your internal and external communication processes.

Our tech support for communication has been leveraging faultless services for our global clientele for over a decade now. Carrying insightful experience of serving medium and large scale enterprises, we have rectified some of the most critical issues that could have had an adverse effect on hundreds of users. Our research and development labs have been weaving customized resolutions to suppress such issues in a timely manner. A glimpse of the issues in communication Softwares as troubleshot by our customer support for communication wing includes:

  • Download and install Skype
  • Create new Skype accounts
  • Install and upgrade audio and video drivers
  • How to use Skype?
  • Unable to connect calls on Skype
  • Skype audio not working
  • Skype chat messenger not working
  • Unable to attach and send files via Skype chat
  • How to configure webcam with Skype
  • Skype stooped working abruptly
  • Blur video quality
  • Delay in response time
  • Create new email accounts
  • Recover lost passwords
  • Email chat messenger not working
  • Unable to send and receive emails
  • Unable to launch email application
  • How to set up new accounts on Windows Live messenger
  • Import contacts into Live messenger
  • Windows Live Messenger stopped working abruptly And many more such issues

Errors in communication software can vary from normal severity to very critical. Thus, it requires an innate bend of mind to execute your solution in an appropriate way.


Nyxology may require remote access to your computer or network to perform some of its IT services. Nyxology will not access any personal data or information except in the rare case where such information or data is absolutely necessary for Nyxology to perform its remote IT services. Any and all information accessed by Nyxology will be used solely for its intended purpose. Any and all data and information accessed by Nyxology will be held strictly confidential. Nyxology will not, under any circumstance, share or disseminate any customer data or information or use any data or information in any way other than for its intended purpose.

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